Installment Loans

Installment loan with immediate approval.



In principle, an installment loan with immediate approval is a normal installment loan, which can be applied for on the Internet. Applicants will receive confirmation immediately after submitting the online application if the loan can be approved.

These are always useful when the loan amount is urgently needed, for example to take advantage of a temporary offer. Due to the increased number of direct banks, there is now a wide range of corresponding loans. In addition, more and more branch banks are offering online loans with, particularly favorable terms.

Planning security through an installment loan with immediate approval

Planning security through an installment loan with immediate approval

Those who urgently need money naturally want to know as soon as possible whether the desired loan can also be approved. With an installment loan with immediate approval, borrowers often receive a message about the approval of the loan just a few seconds after entering the data.

In order to receive immediate confirmation, in addition to the personal data, details of the monthly income and expenses are entered online. Based on this data, an automated credit check is carried out and the user receives the result directly. The instant confirmation is only of a preliminary nature, but it is entirely reliable provided that all information has been provided truthfully.

Fast processing and payment

Fast processing and payment

An installment loan with immediate approval not only ensures quick confirmation, but also, due to the mostly automated processing, also for quick processing and payment of the loan. After the borrower has received an immediate commitment, he can print out the documents directly on his computer.

These will then be sent to the bank along with the payslips. Most banks use the Postident procedure for this. With this, the borrower legitimates himself at a post office by presenting his ID. In the event that the loan agreement is to run on several people, all of them must legitimize together.

The branch employee confirms the personal data on a coupon provided to the bank. Once all the documents have been received by the bank, the bank carries out a final credit check and usually transfers the loan amount to the borrower’s checking account on the same day. In many cases, it only takes 48 hours from the application to the payment of the loan.

Requirements for an installment loan with immediate approval

Requirements for an installment loan with immediate approval

Due to the automated credit check, a perfect credit rating is required for an immediate approval. This means that the difference between income and expenditure must be sufficient to be able to pay the monthly installments. In addition to the fixed costs, the banks use a flat rate for living expenses. In addition, the borrower must not have any negative entries with Credit Bureau. Depending on the credit institution, the Credit Bureau check is carried out directly on the first credit request or only after all documents have been submitted. The same prerequisites apply as are usual for an installment loan.

The borrower must be at least 18 years old and have a permanent residence within the Federal Republic of Germany. Most banks only grant loans to non-self-employed workers, civil servants and pensioners. Anyone who is self-employed or freelance can generally not apply for an installment loan with immediate approval due to the more complex credit check and the greater risk of default.


Bank Credit History Saves Interest

While a company’s credit history is only one aspect of the bank’s appraisal of loans, financial indiscipline can adjust its ability to borrow. According to the estimates of Fine Bank, a small or medium-sized enterprise with timely obligations to financial institutions, partners and the state can save up to 100 thousand by borrowing an investment project.

Company seeking for a loan

business loan

“The process of granting a loan to a company is complex and multifaceted, in which the bank seeks to evaluate the risk taken by the customer and the risk as well as possible. This involves analyzing various data relating to the financial position of the company, the project that the company intends to undertake, and the general economic situation. And while the bank makes the decision on the basis of data, it can sometimes be financially unsophisticated for a company seeking a loan, ”says Virginijus Dove, Vice President and Head of Retail Banking, Fine Bank.

In assessing the credit history of a company, the bank takes into account whether overdue debts are one-off or recurring, their duration, their impact on the future performance of the company, or whether there are no legal proceedings for overdue debts. According to V. Dove, in providing financing the bank analyzes not only the current financial situation of the company and its forecasts but also the data of previous years.

Average loan interest rates and other additional financing terms

loan interest rates

“What time period the bank evaluates depends on each individual case, so companies need to be concerned about their credit history on an ongoing basis, not just a year or two before they take out a loan. In addition, credit history covers not only financial liabilities to banks but also the payment of taxes to the state and service providers, ”points out Dove.

According to Fine Bank, if a small or medium-sized company decides to borrow $ 1 million. for a 7-year investment project, financing for a high-risk company with some overdue credit history may increase up to $ 97,000 over the loan period. This would lead to up to 2 percent. higher than average loan interest rates and other additional financing terms.

“For such an amount, a small and medium-sized trading company could rent nearly 1,000 sq. M. For 7 years. meters of storage space, the production company – with its own funds, to create a job for one worker with a minimum wage, an agricultural enterprise – to acquire 26 thousand. liters of diesel, ”says Dove.

Good credit history

Good credit history

Anatoliy, a lawyer at the credit bureau, says credit history is a tool for everyday business relationships, starting with deciding whether to start cooperation at all and what grace periods and limits apply.

“Rarely does a company know how to use good credit history, and there are quite a few ways to do it. I would highlight a few, though there are more. First of all, it is an argument in negotiating business loan terms, paying for goods over a longer period, as well as seeking higher credit limits from suppliers. But where do we start? In order to strengthen your bargaining power, you first need to look at your credit history. And to understand that a company can look a little different from the eyes of creditors than the company itself, ”says a spokesman.

According to Fine Bank, Q1 of this year. the average loan for investment granted to small and medium-sized enterprises was LTL 820 thousand. Litas, working capital – 330 thousand.  Currently, companies in the manufacturing, trading and agricultural sectors are the most interested in financing, while 6 out of 10 small and medium-sized enterprises are borrowing for working capital.

Survey: Planning for Gifts and Other Shopping on Credit Every fifth

One fifth of consumers intend to use financial services such as leasing, credit card or consumer credit during the holiday period. However, many consumers are unaware of what part of their salary should be exceeded when planning their commitments and what to do after a holiday in the event of a down payment, says a study by Good Finance.

A survey of more than 10,000 residents found that 8% of respondents would use credit services for their holiday shopping. 9% of men and 7% of women will choose financial instruments to buy gifts and other purchases. Some consumers are still undecided and are just considering buying gifts from their own or borrowed funds: 12% of men and 10% of women choose the answer “maybe”. The rest refer to gifts and other purchases that you plan to buy from your own funds during the holiday season.

When making new commitments


It is important to be honest with myself and answer a few questions: What part of my salary credit payments do I spend now? Will my salary be enough for the increased costs? What is my plan ‘B’ if my money falls short after a few months? Answers to these questions will make you feel safer and maintain a good credit history, ”comments Andrius Bogdanovičius, CEO of Good Finance Credit Bureau.

According to him, nearly one-tenth of the survey respondents indicate that when borrowing responsibly, you can spend between 40% and 50% of your monthly salary on credit payments. 30% of survey respondents state explicitly that the share of income on credit payments should not exceed 40% of income (as stated in the Responsible Lending Policy). Most, or 60% of consumers, responded that the income-contribution ratio should not be as high as 35%. This is a more conservative approach that we may also consider fair.

Respondents were also asked how they would behave in the event of a shortage of cash credit after the holidays. The majority of those surveyed would choose to consult a financial institution on their plan B (69%). In comparison, 23% would pay part of the premium in this situation and overdue the rest. A further 5% would take no action and the payment would be overdue, while 3% would like to take on new credit.

Financial institutions should be approached

Financial institutions should be approached

When there are first signs that monetary affairs are moving in the opposite direction. Advance to a creditor and search for a compromise can help prevent your credit history from deteriorating. The worst thing to do is to do nothing or the so-called pyramid, which is a new credit to cover your down payment. It is true that this solution may be the right choice in exceptional cases. For example, when one creditor refinances credits from other financial institutions on favorable terms, ”says the head of the credit bureau.

Survey results show that the vast majority of consumers (85%) know that their credit history is assessed when applying for credit services. Other cases of legitimate interest in a financial discipline CV are far less well known. For example, only 28% of respondents stated that credit history can be verified by a telecommunications company that is late in paying for its communication services. Even less known is that credit history can be checked with a late friend (5% correct) and with a view to renting a home (correct 6%).

The survey was conducted December 9-16 online. More than 10,000 users responded to the survey.

My Good Finance is a self-service website

My Good Finance is a self-service website

Where residents can check their personal credit history report. It consists of available financial obligations, payment history, credit rating, what creditors were interested in customer data. The report is free once a year.

The self-service website is managed by the credit bureau Good Finance. A credit bureau is a system of responsible lending where the creditworthiness of customers is assessed by banks, credit unions, consumer credit, leasing, telecommunications and other companies. The credit bureau plays an important role in the financial system by helping financial institutions make sound credit decisions and protecting consumers from excessive obligations.

Liquid Online Direct Loans, Solutions to Increase Your Business Capital

Capital has always been one of the obstacles most entrepreneurs face. There are several ways to earn venture capital, by bringing together friends or close friends to invest in your business. But if you don’t have enough investment funds to run a business, then you don’t need to take out a loan. There are three types of loans available for additional venture capital, namely KUR (People’s Business Credit), KTA (Non-Credit Lending), and liquid direct online loans.

In comparison, KUR and KTA do have the advantage of having large numbers of loans granted, but the process of applying is complicated because the requirements to be met are also quite large. Not to mention all submissions are not accepted as they usually have to go through the Bi checking phase to see if you have a bad credit history. This is, of course, the opposite of a straightforward online loan.

The Benefits of Liquid Direct Lending Online

The Benefits of Liquid Direct Lending Online

In order for you to become more familiar with liquid lending online, it’s a good idea to first see what the benefits are. In general, there are three benefits to liquid direct online loans that you can experience right away:

  • Easy to Apply

The first benefit is the ease of applying for a direct online loan. Since you can submit them online, you can submit them anywhere and anytime. Just by relying on gadgets and internet networks alone, you can apply for a direct online loan. Usually, these liquid direct online loans can be applied through a website or application and you simply download the terms provided without having to go to the lender’s office.

  • Requirements Easy to Meet

As mentioned earlier, for KUR and KTA loans, the terms provided by the loan lenders are so complex that not everyone is able to apply for them due to difficult conditions. Let’s say the average KTA requires a credit card for at least 1 year. As for KUR, you are required to request a letter of the legality of business from the local government.

  • Fast Disbursement Funding Process

The benefits of this are unmatched, however, you will need more capital soon. Liquid direct online lending is not only easy to apply and the requirements, but the process of disbursement is also very fast. This is due to the fact that they do not offer much and the average loan amount is only around $ 20 million to $ 3.30 million so funds can be quickly disbursed. Plus all the requirements documents you provide are already digital so that your provider can process your submission directly.

Purpose Of Using Liquid Direct Lending for Business

Purpose Of Using Liquid Direct Lending for Business

Liquid direct online loans are typically used by entrepreneurs for the following:

  • Add business tools

All businesses need equipment to be able to operate properly. But there are some businesses, especially those whose equipment is becoming more sophisticated each year. With advanced business equipment, it can boost your business activity. Examples are like industrial packaging machine tools. With this packing machine, your employees no longer have to pack it traditionally so the quantity of packaged goods can increase.

To be able to buy the new business equipment, the entrepreneur will need a fair amount of money. If you take the cash, it will affect your operating costs.

  • Business Innovation

The business that one has can continue to evolve as they are constantly innovating and competing against similar ventures. But to innovate this business requires additional costs that you have to spend. Let’s take an example in recent years, sweet cereal no longer topping cheese, beans, chocolate, and sesame seeds.

  • Business Expansion

The purpose of using the most used liquid direct online loan is for business expansion. Anyone should want their business to thrive. For that it needs a business expansion. Just take a look at the Gas Geprek Chicken which is not only now available in Jakarta, but also in some major cities in Indonesia. It’s because they’re doing business expansion. By expanding your business, the benefits that will come to you will also increase.

To minimize the money you have to spend, you can apply a partnership or franchise system. But you still have to put in some money to promote your partnership program.

Apply for a Liquid Online Loan for Business

Apply for a Liquid Online Loan for Business

  • Specify the Required Loan Number

The first step is to determine in advance how many nominal liquid direct online loans you need. Count carefully and in detail so that there is no need to miss it. Low loan numbers can make it difficult for you to find additional loans. Meanwhile, more loan numbers can make the debt burden grow.

To be safe, you need to do a calculation simulation first to find out the loan numbers as well as the monthly installment numbers you can expect.

Alternatives for Credit Card Wire Transfers

Need to transfer money but you don’t have cash in the bank? Sooner or later someone will suggest that you wire money from your credit card. It is easy to do, and you can move money around the world. But before you provide those numbers, see what you get yourself in and evaluate the alternatives.

Transfer money via Credit Card

Transfer money via Credit Card

The term transfer is used in various ways.

  • Bank Wire Transfer: Wire transfers traditionally go through banks. These are the same day’s transfer from one account to another, and they are popular for transactions like home purchases. To complete a thread, you must provide the bank details of the recipient, and you may need to provide a paper form (although small forwarding requests might be available online).
  • Money Transfer: This can mean several things, but the basic idea is that you send money electronically, whether it is a traditional “transfer” or not. The funds would even be available to the recipient on the same day within a few minutes. Western Union, MoneyGram, and others offer this type of service, and you can set up transfers online or over the phone (the recipient can be identified by an email address, phone number or name). Sometimes these transfers take 2-3 business days while they pass through the ACH network.

cash advances

No matter what method you use, you will need a cash advance if you plan to fund the transfer with your credit card. An advance offers “free and clear” money available for immediate dispatch.

  • Rates: Cash advances come with fees. Most credit card companies charge a percentage of the transaction amount (with a minimum of $ 10 or more) or a fixed amount, which is larger. Fees effectively increase the price of what you pay for, so take the total cost into account when making decisions.
  • Interest Costs: Cash advances on your credit card are expensive. The interest charged on the advances is usually higher than the interest on funds that come from purchases (expect a rate of at least 25 percent). Moreover, there is no grace period on cash advances, so you’ll pay interest charges even if you pay off your card before the end of your statement cycle.
  • Your Credit: When you borrow against your credit card, you run the risk of damaging your credit – at least temporarily. Large cash advances can use the majority of your available credit limit, signaling that you might be in financial trouble. If you are planning to make a major purchase in the near future (at home or vehicle, for example), a lower credit score makes it harder to borrow. Avoid far beyond what your credit card and pay off the debt immediately.
  • How to Get a Cash Advance: If you are planning on the wire of money using a bank, you need to get money in your bank account. You can do this by visiting a counter in your bank’s branch and requesting a cash advance (moving the proceeds to your bank account), or you can simply withdraw money from an ATM and the money in your account deposit. If you use a money transfer service, the cash advance happens automatically as you go through the steps to complete a transfer.

Remember, if you use a credit card to fund a transfer, you are borrowing money to make the transfer. As a result, you have to pay a high-interest rate on the money you borrow, and the fees will be added to your loan balance, reducing the total amount of interest that you pay. But there are alternatives.

Risks of Wire Transfers

Risks of Wire Transfers

Unlike the purchases on your card, cash advances cannot be reversed, reducing the risk for your bank or money transfer service. They are only willing to make an irreversible transfer if they are more or less in control of the money. The recipient will be able to get the money immediately (in cash or by moving the money elsewhere), and there is no way to get the money back.

Only send money if you know where it is going, and if you trust the recipient. Different scams use transfers (or money transfer services), and scammers take advantage of misunderstandings about how these payments work. Most people think that their bank or Western Union can help if there is a problem, but the money is usually gone forever.

Alternatives for wiring your credit card

Because of the risks and costs, there may be better ways to send money. Depending on the situation and whether you need to borrow money, some of the options below might be a better fit.

  • The wire from your bank account: If you don’t have to borrow and trust your recipient (you know it’s not a scam), just send money from your bank account. There are different ways to do this, including using a standard transfer.
  • Pay with a debit card: Online sites usually ask for a “credit card” number, but you can use a debit card in most cases. Debit cards pull money from your bank account instead of creating a loan, so you’ll avoid cash advance and interest charges. Just make sure you know who you are giving your card number to.
  • Money order or Cashier’s checks: There are different ways to send “guaranteed” funds. In addition to the transfers, cashier checks are considered to be very safe (as long as the check is not a fake). The issuing bank guarantees cashier’s checks so that they cannot bounce. Money orders are also an option in some situations.
  • Payment Apps: If you know the person sending your money to (a friend or family member, for example), try a free or cheap payment service. Square Cash App moves money from your bank account directly to check the recipient’s account – using your debit cards – for free. PayPal is available for international payments, and there are several other options that can meet your needs.
  • If you need to borrow money: Your credit card is not the only way to borrow. Assuming you really need to borrow, ask your bank about a personal loan (or other options available) for drumming up the money. Online lenders and peer-to-peer loans are also a cheap option, especially if you have a few days to work with. Credit cards are probably the fastest option, but you will have to pay a premium for that speed.
  • Convenience Checks: Getting a cash advance from a counter or ATM is expensive. You might be able to pay less if you keep an eye out for special offers from your credit card company. With ease checks or balance transfer offers, you can write a check yourself and use the money any way you want. Although you may still have to pay, there is a good chance that the costs will be lower, and as a bonus, you can get a lower interest rate (for a limited time).
  • Standard Credit Card Payment: Another option is to simply pay with a credit card (assuming being accepted). Credit cards can be used internationally, and you will get the consumer protection benefits if you use your card to make a purchase immediately. PayPal is a similar option and it is free to make purchases with PayPal. For some purchases, PayPal will even lend you money (via PayPal Credit).

If none of the options to choose will work, it may be useful to use your credit card and wire money, but only in an emergency.

Save the expenses instead

Save the expenses instead

Borrowing money on credit cards is not sustainable. Ultimately, high-interest rates and steep reimbursements can drag you into a spiral of debt. You will spend more money on maintaining the debt every month than you move towards the debt itself.

To prevent borrowing money, budget for necessary expenses and building an emergency fund. Ideally, you have enough to cover three to six months worth the cost of living (or more, if you prefer to be conservative). Emergency funds must be somewhere safe and accessible, such as a savings or money market account. Avoid robbing the fund, and when surprises come, you won’t have to incur substantial costs.

Sometimes borrowing is inevitable. If you like having a backup plan, you can take advantage of keeping a credit line open. A line of credit is a pool of money that is available for borrowing, but you don’t actually borrow until you need to. The line of credit must be inexpensive to maintain because you only pay interest if you borrow money (or never).

Fewer credit applications this year, most rejected

During January – November, residents submitted 2% fewer applications for various financing instruments than at the same time last year. The decline in applications was mainly due to the sharp decline in small consumer credit applications, according to data from the credit history system “Good Finance”.

Applications for small consumer credit dropped by 32% in 11 months. This is the main reason behind the overall decline in the level of applications. If we exclude small credit applications from the total number of applications, we will see that the population’s intention to borrow this year is 15% higher than a year ago. This means that the rest of the financial institutions and telecommunications companies have received more applications for credit and credit services.

We can compare

We can compare

Intentions to borrow in banks and credit unions increased by 14%. Leasing and larger consumer loan applications increased by 5%. 21% more consumers were looking for credit services at telecommunication companies (such as tablet rentals) this year. And they wanted to borrow nearly threefold the population through peer-to-peer lending platforms (P2P).

“The level of applications reflects the general interest of consumers in obtaining one type of credit. There was no major player in the retail credit segment. As a result, there has been a drop in applications there. In the remaining segments, the growth in applications is related to the increasing purchasing power of the population.

It is positively affected by rising employment and wages. Naturally, today ‘s stable public finances encourage some consumers to order credit cards, renew their phone, car or household, says Andrius Bogdanovic, head of a credit bureau Good Finance. – As for the P2P segment, its rapid growth is mainly due to the young age of the segment. P2P operators remain niche players in the consumer credit market. ”

Applying for credit does not mean granting the credit

Applying for credit does not mean granting the credit

Depending on the segment, a significant number of applications are rejected. For example, in the leasing and larger consumer credit segment over 11 months. On average, 62% of applications were rejected (compared to 58% in 2015); rejecting 68% of requests.

The most common reasons for rejection are customer overruns of 40% of revenue and fin. liability ceiling, unstable income, strained or bad credit history, filing without spouse’s consent and more.

Tips to Safely Borrow Money Online Fast

As technology advances today, there are many things that can be done online, excluding lending. All you have to do is set up your cell phone and an internet connection, it doesn’t take long for your funds to be liquidated in less than 24 hours. Alternatively, if you are applying for a bank loan with the exception of the complicated requirements of online lending at a Good Lender disbursement company and it is expected to last for 14 business days.

What is the difference between lending money to a bank with online money lending at Good Lender? Good Finance has a review for you, let’s hear it!

In addition to the complicated requirements and the lengthy process, fast online lending at the bank is also required to attach supporting documents ranging from ID, Family Card, home phone number, parent and family phone number, even home surveys and more.

Borrow at Good Lender

Borrow at Good Lender

On the other hand, lending in Good Lender is very much in line with bank lending. All you need is a photo of yourself, your ID, and your NPWP, but of all the facilities offered in Good Lender, there is an impact The dude knows that his name online loan will definitely give you personal data on the terms of each Good Lender so that it can be accessed another. So you don’t want to give it authority for others to access it.

This is where Dude is required to jelly before downloading a Good Lender application if you want to do a digital transaction, you have to choose which Good Lender you really trust .

Borrowing at a Bank or Online Loan is the Same Rule

If you violate there are definitely sanctions you will get, if you don’t want to get in trouble don’t try to break it. No matter where you lend it at a bank or online loan, everyone will definitely pay off when you don’t pay off your debt when it’s due.

Obviously everyone has certain ethics and procedures to follow if you are in violation, so if you don’t pay off your debt when it is due, banks and online lenders will definitely charge it. Therefore you must comply with these sanctions by paying the fine and paying off your debt. Because a violation will make life uncomfortable, so do not neglect or even run away from the responsibility to pay off the debt.

Safe Money Lending Tips For You

Safe Money Lending Tips For You

From the reviews Good Finance gave above, Dude certainly understands the terms and conditions that apply if you are going to borrow money in Good Lender. In order for you to not download Good Finance’s Good Lender app, here are some tips to make it safer to borrow money online. Thanks guys!

Select the Official Good Lender Application

The first thing to keep in mind before you download the Good Lender application and apply for a loan at the Good Lender you choose is that you should carefully check the clarity of the Good Lender. Don’t just download it.

Choose a Good Lender already registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority) as the official Good Lender already registered with the OJK must follow the applicable procedures and procedures. Beginning with the billing method, the loan amount should not exceed 30%, and so on.

Select Good Lender with Low Interest

Choose an online moneylender app with less interest than others. That’s why it will definitely benefit you, if the interest you earn is low, the installment you will pay will not be as heavy if you get a high interest rate. Isn’t it profitable?

Record Your Due Date Before Liquid Loans

By the time your fast online loan application at Good Lender has been approved and liquid do not forget to set the due date yes Dude! Because if you set an automatic due date you don’t forget to pay the debt so you’ll avoid billing. Pay off your debt on time yeah Dude!

Remember the amount of money you borrowed

Next keep in mind how much money you lend online fast and keep in mind how much a bill or installment you have to pay each month. So that you don’t forget to make a note to write on a piece of paper and then paste it on your wall or desk so you don’t forget to pay the debt.

Prepare Money When The Loan Arrives

This is one important thing to remember, Dude. When the loan arrives, immediately deduct your paycheck to pay the bills. If you don’t get rid of it sooner you will have to waste your paycheck for other things. That way, when the time comes to pay off your debt you can pay it off on time without the billing team.

Don’t Pay Too Late

After setting aside your payday loan, pay off your debt as soon as possible so don’t try to delay or even wait until it’s due. To avoid being called for billing, you don’t want to be charged right? Of course it will make you feel uneasy.

Wise in Choosing Online Loans at Good Lender

Wise in Choosing Online Loans at Good Lender

Good Finance has explained the tips for borrowing money in Good Lender. For Good Finance’s friend who is proficient in smart technology and be wise in choosing Good Lender if you want to borrow money fast. Don’t download or download until you make the wrong choice you make it difficult for you later

Make sure the Good Lender you choose is officially OJK registered. If your loan is already liquid, make sure you do not delay paying the debt to avoid the fines in the Good Lender you choose. Also set aside your paycheck to pay for your installment, don’t use it for other things, dude!

It’s A Leakage That Received Online Loans 24 Hours Instantly

24-hour online loans are easy to apply. But do you know that not all 24-hour online loan applications are acceptable? So how do I make a 24-hour online loan application acceptable? Check out the tips below!

In times of need, online loans 24 are the best help and solution. This has been proven by many. As time went on, we no longer relied on friends loans, family loans, or even office loans. With just gadgets and the internet only, we can make loans from anywhere and anytime. This is because the loan is done online.

24-hour online loans are usually provided by P2P lending- type Good Finance company. So they will give you a loan right away without having to contact the bank. This is where the 24-hour online loan difference is made with the bank (Credit Unsecured) Credit issued by the bank. The process of applying for a 24-hour online loan is very easy and the process of disbursement is also very fast because it only takes up to a day. Some 24-hour online lending providers may be able to liquidate the funds in just a few hours.

24 Hour Loan Determination Factors Accepted

24 Hour Loan Determination Factors Accepted

With the simple process of applying online and the fast disbursement process, many people find it easy to apply. But unfortunately, they often take for granted these 24-hour online loans so feel confident that their application will be accepted. However, not all applications that apply to a 24-hour online lender are easily accepted. So that you won’t be disappointed that your application was rejected, so before you apply, it’s a good idea to take a look at some of the 24-hour online lending factors listed below!

Have an ID

The first factor is definitely your ID (proof of citizenship) as proof of proof that you are a citizen of Indonesia. The ID to use is an e-ID. Why e-ID? Because of the e-ID card all of our personal data is complete so that it can be easily accessed by a 24-hour online lender. That way, the 24-hour online lender doesn’t have to worry about finding your data.


In addition to IDPs, there are also NPWPs that you must have because many people fail to apply for a 24-hour online loan simply because they do not have an ID. The National Tax Code is a Taxpayer Identification Number that identifies you as an employee and pays taxes on time. If you have a NPWP, then your 24-hour online lender trust will be higher as they consider you to be disciplined in terms of payment. This NPWP can also be related to the credit history you have because all loan applications, especially bank loans will be recorded on the NPWP.

Have a Personal Account

The deciding factor for your 24-hour online loan is to have a personal account. Why a personal account? With a personal bank account, the lender can match your personal data. Plus the provider can also see the credit history you have at the bank. Some 24-hour online lending providers require that you hold local bank accounts or specific banks so you should be careful when reading the terms and conditions provided. Don’t miss it because they ask for a local bank account number, but instead, you provide an external bank account.

Have a Good Credit History

The last deciding factor is to have a good credit history. Almost 50% of 24-hour online loans are rejected because of poor credit history. The other 50% is because they do not meet the requirements and documents requested. For those of you who still don’t know what credit history is, TimiKimi will explain it to you. Credit history is a history or record of your loan traces. So if you’ve ever applied for a loan (whether it’s a bank or other provider) and have been paying off installment payments, you’ll have a bad credit record.

So if you currently have unpaid installment loan arrears, it is a good idea to pay off these bills first so you can easily apply for a 24-hour online loan.

24-Hour Online Loan Available

24-Hour Online Loan Available

Once you know what factors determine your 24-hour online loan success, it’s time to apply. But where can we apply for a 24-hour online loan? You can apply for a loan on line 24 hours through Good Credit safe and reliable because it is registered in the FSA (Financial Services Authority) so that you avoid online fraud such thing. Good Credit is one of the application-based 24-hour online lenders. You can get a loan ranging from $ 1 million to $ 20 million with a grace period of 180 days (6 months).

How to apply is very easy and quick. After you have prepared all three of the above requirements, you can follow the steps below:

  • Download the Good Credit app on the PlayStore or AppStore
  • Sign up by filling in your personal information in the form of your full name, email address, and phone number
  • Do logged into the application
  • Fill out the requirements of the requested document
  • Determine the loan amount you want and the tenor of your loan
  • Click submit and wait for Good Credit to process your 24-hour online loan application

How’s it easy, isn’t it? It doesn’t take hours and it doesn’t take long, lending because the application process is so easy and tiring. If Good Credit approves your 24-hour online loan application, the funds you borrow will be able to flow directly into the personal bank account you provided earlier.

Get a 24-Hour Online Loan Required and Make a Matched Calculation

Get a 24-Hour Online Loan Required and Make a Matched Calculation

We are often tempted to lend more than is actually due to the convenience provided by 24-hour online lending. But you need to know that this is what makes a lot of people worse off by debt. To apply for a loan as needed. Never add numbers. Do not forget to do the calculations first so you can set the right loan period because if you choose the wrong loan period, it can result in delays in installments due to the inability to pay.

If you feel incapable of taking the short term, take longer. Do not force yourself to take short term installments so that they can pay off quickly. It’s free for you to take a short period of time but eventually, you will pay back the installment payment. So, always calculate the loan amount and take the loan period seriously!